Re: Dear Jon Stewart

I agree. I thought it was bad enough Letterman and other so called talkshow hosts having to go off the air because their writers are on strike, but it’s even more embarrassing that Jon Stewart can’t even make Jonah look like a twit without the benefit of a massive editing operation so incoherent he had to apologize for it in the intro.

There’s a bad faith aspect to what Stewart did. Recently I was asked to go on certain TV shows in Canada and Australia neither of which are known for their sympathy to chaps like me. I said yeah, sure, I’d be happy to do it as long as the interviews went out live. That way, it’s a clean fight and may the best man win. The Oz show said no, the Canucks are mulling it over but are insulted by my making such a request. Jon Stewart victory-through-editing is why.

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